I have a 100% feedback rating on ebay and I have been a member for 12 years. I can list, sell, pack and ship your items. I must inspect electronic or mechanical items prior to listing as to not misrepresent what I am offering to my buyers. My rate of 40% applies to cash recieved AFTER Ebay, Paypal and Canada Post have taken their cut. I am also available for computer tutoring lessons if you are interested in learning how to sell on Ebay yourself.

If you have items that are too heavy to ship there are many solutions available for local liqudation. The advantage of using this approach is that you get cash right away and the items leave quickly. There is almost nothing I can't sell. Selling via local means there are three parties (Ebay,Paypal,Canada Post) that are not dipping into your pocket.

If you have stuff you want to turn into cash get in touch and we can get it done.