Types of Tutoring

How to Browse the Web

You can find yourself in trouble quick if you don't use discernment and protect yourself from trackers, cookies and fraudsters.

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With modern surveilance your data is exposed without the use of encryption. Let me teach you to encrypt your files at home and your messages in transit.

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Build a PC

Learn to understand all the working components of a computer and build your own. It can be quite fulfilling knowing you put your own machine together. It also helps you understand what to do if things go wrong.

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Set up a home "cloud" server

Share resources with the whole house and stream line sharing files as well. Having a cloud in your home centalizes storage and tasks as to free up each computer or tablet's resources and space for other tasks.

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Modify Consoles

I can walk you through tinkering with old hardware to give it a fresh look or a new purpose. They sky is the limit with repurposing hardware. I can walk you through the possibilities and limitations of your base materials.

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Anything digital is free

Learn to review and hoard data like your neighbors or friends at work. I have 20 years of experience and can teach you anything you need to know about finding what you want on the internet.

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