Prophecy in the News



Former Secretary of State Chuck Hagel stating "we're seeing a new world order being built"

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Social Engineering

Massive military exercise catches citizens of Beach Grove Indiana off guard.

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Quelling of descent

School board candidate Dean Paterakis (Florida) ejected from meeting for sticking up for decency.

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Incremental Societal Destruction


Crispr Gene Editing

If you don't like God's design you can now change it to whatever you like!

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Human Trials Approved in the US!!!

Mentally ill Oregon man making society change so he can feel good

This is clearly a man. It has a penis and made a child. I don't know why we are changing society for these people.

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Canadians legally entitled to have sex with animals

Man recently set free because no penetration took place.

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Internet Freedom


Rightscorp wants to hijack your web browser!

Rightscorp suggests pirating subscribers eventually have to pay a fine to regain Internet access.

Government seeking power to hack your computer!

Uncle sam wants to hack you if you use any digital means to disguise your geographical location

Victory for Net Neutrality in the US

In a crucial win for Internet users, a federal appeals court upheld solid net neutrality rules that will let us all use and enjoy the Internet without unfair interference

Brexit vote creates nice rebound for Bitcoin

At time of writing BTC jumped from $762 to $880 CAD at the same time of Brexit vote!




What are the advantages of having a cloud server in my home?

Why do I need to take an interest in protecting my data?